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The Pyramid of the Sun was the largest building located at the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Azerim had fled there from Babylon thousands of years ago with part of the Babylonian Great Engine and became a ruler of the Olmec civilization, using their help to guard his part. The Pyramid had several ceiling mounted doors rigged to open by using three animal-shaped keys: jaguar, fish, and bird. Azerim had the roof closed to keep out the sun that shone very brightly in the pyramid, but it was also mechanically configured with the ability to open and allow the light in.

During his quest for the machine part in 1947, Indiana Jones arrived at the pyramid and began to explore it. While dodging its various booby traps, Jones reopened the ceiling doors and aquired a reflective mirror for a statue at the lowest level. Unfortunately, Russian Spetsnaz troops led by Dr. Volodnikov appeared to hinder his quest. While dealing with them, Jones put the mirror on the statue and the light reflected off of it, activating a massive door that led to an unmapped valley that once served as a secret location of the Olmec; the valley was clearly influenced by Azerim's architects.

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