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Race For the Stolen Treasure is a LEGO set based on the Truck Chase scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The set includes a car with a turret and musket, a truck, and Indiana Jones's horse. A nameless German soldier drives the car with a turret and musket in the set. The Ark is replaced with a treasure chest, although this had been done due to controversies about the early sets. The set also comes with three German soldiers.

The set, numbered 7622, was released in 2008 and contains 272 pieces, including four minifigures:

Official product description[]

The ultimate chase!

Recreate one of the greatest chase scenes in movie history with this exciting set! The villains have stolen the treasure and Indy must get it back. Riding on horseback, he chases the truck, but can he defeat the guards and win back the treasure?

  • Includes Indiana Jones™ with hat, whip and bag, guards and a horse!
  • Treasure chest is being transported inside the covered truck!
  • Truck measures 6" (15cm) long!

Behind the scenes[]

  • The musket included in the set, attached to the troop car, is never seen in the film.
  • The troop car's front has room for only one, not two, soldiers. However, this may have been done to fit the scaled-down version of the scene in the film.
  • One of the German soldier's heads is a re-use of the J. Jonah Jameson head from an earlier Spider-Man LEGO set.

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