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Race to Danger is the seventh young adult adaptation of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles published by Random House. Released in 1993, the book adapted the episode "Princeton, February 1916".

Publisher's summary[]

Is Indy on a collision course?

War is raging in Europe. Some Americans are worried, but in New Jersey, Young Indiana Jones's main concern is getting his date, Nancy, to the high school dance in style. Her dad says Indy can drive his snazzy foreign car. That is, if some genius can fix it!

The quest for help leads Indy and Nancy to Thomas Edison's laboratories—just as a daring crime occurs. Intruders make off with Edison's top-secret plans for war machines and for his pet project—an electric car battery. And that's not all! They've got his ace scientist as well. The crooks steer the police down a dead-end street, but Nancy and Indy aren't fooled. Still...their schemes to track down the bad guys could backfire.

Young Indiana Jones—you've seen him on TV in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, traveling the world as a kid and a teen, encountering some of the best minds and biggest events in history. Now read about him as he and his friend Nancy charge off to solve a mystery, based on the television episode "Princeton, February 1916."