The Raiders of the Lost Ark Adventure Pack is a role-playing adventure released by TSR, Inc. in 1984 as part of its Adventures of Indiana Jones series. The game is based on the feature film of the same title but also incorporates some information from Campbell Black'a novelization.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The stakes are higher than ever before! The Nazis are closing in on the world's holiest artifact, and you've got to get it before it's too late. Can you reach the Ark before your archrival Belloq does? Can you escape before the foul Nazi Toht practices his deadly craft on you? Can you get a minute to breathe??

You make the choices and create the adventure in Indiana Jones's most dangerous mission: recovering the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventure pack designed to be played with THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES Game from TSR, Inc. You cannot play this adventure without the rules from that game.