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==Behind the scenes==
The packaging, manual, and advertising artwork was painted by Atari Art Director [[James Kelly]].
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*[[Ark of the Covenant]]
*[[Ark of the Covenant]]
==Behind the scenes==
The packaging, manual, and advertising artwork was painted by Atari Art Director [[James Kelly]].
==External links==
==External links==

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This article is about the video game. You may be looking for the board game.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark video game for the Atari VCS was the first Indiana Jones video game released and first video game adaptation of a film. The game designed and programmed by Howard Scott Warshaw is loosely based on the film. As such, neither René Emile Belloq nor the Nazis appear.

Plot summary

The game is set in Cairo in 1936, and the player must head into the marketplace to grab a flute and play it to prevent Indiana Jones from being bitten by a snake. Indy equips his whip, gun, a machete and bomb, utilizing the player two joystick, and then he must find a crack in a wall and detonate the bomb to allow entrance into the Temple of the Warriors.

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Behind the scenes

The packaging, manual, and advertising artwork was painted by Atari Art Director James Kelly.

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