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Rajid's wife was a woman who lived in New Delhi. Her husband, Rajid was a gambler who found himself in debt and his wife feared for his life. Hoping to pay off his debts, she secretly arranged to sell a statue of Shiva to a museum, using Professor Indiana Jones as an intermediary.

Meeting with Jones in the late summer of 1937, she provided Jones tea before settling down to business. After Jones had passed her a check from the museum, she proceeded to hand over the statue and sought Jones' assurance that he would keep the sale a secret from her husband. At that moment, Rajid returned home and assumed that his wife and the American were having an affair and started shooting at Jones.

Screaming, Rajid's wife let Jones have the statue and then took cover behind a screen, begging her husband to stop. Once Rajid ran out of bullets, Jones tried to reason with him, but the angry gambler produced another pistol, and Jones was forced to escape from their house.



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