"Give me my map!"
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Random Acts of Indy was a theme park attraction that was made up of three street shows as part of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries promotion for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008.

After the Oasis show, Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger, there were three street shows in which Indy battled a villain for a valuable map. The first was on top of the Jungle cruise where they fought with oars. The next was on the opposing balcony where Indy beat the Bad Guy with a fish net and a potted plant. The third and most dramatic was on the suspension bridge at Tarzan's Treehouse. There Indy and his opponent duked it out, ending with Indy bullwhipping the map out of the man's hand and knocking him out.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Indy 052

Indiana Jones seeks assistance.

In the crowded streets of exotic Adventureland, guests never know when Indiana Jones might make an appearance. It could be in their midst, perhaps it will be high overhead, or even right next to them as Indy dashes by. But look fast, because Indy's never in one place for long, especially when he's being pursued by sinister villains!




Behind the scenesEdit

Though there is no in-universe timeframe given for the "random acts", the scenarios establish Jones battling over the map to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, which he discovered in 1935.

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Random Acts of Indy
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