In 1935, a Village Child of Mayapore managed to escape captivity from the Thuggee operated diamond mine beneath Pankot Palace and made his way home with a Sanskrit manuscript.


At some point the Mayapore village child was, along with all the other children, kidnapped by the Thuggee cult in order to work the mines beneath Pankot Palace for High Priest Mola Ram. Although the cult's ultimate goal was to unearth the remaining two Sankara Stones hidden there, the children also dug for diamonds which funded the Thuggees' scheme.

In 1935, the child somehow managed to escape from the Thuggee's clutches with a Sanskrit manuscript and returned to Mayapore where he passed out in the arms of American archaeologist Indiana Jones, only to be scooped up by his mother, happy to see him again.

Behind the scenes

The character, simply credited as "Village Child", was played by Dharshana Panangala in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The film's script identified the character as "Little Boy".

Although he didn't appear in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Village Child is visible in one of the teaser trailers for the film as some footage of his return to Mayapore from Temple of Doom was included.


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