Rasheed Sallam was an Egyptian archaeologist.


A member of Howard Carter's team during the excavation of the Tomb of Kha in May 1908, Rasheed Sallam welcomed his friend T.E. Lawrence as well as Helen Seymour and Indiana Jones to the dig site. He later encouraged Bassam Ghaly to get the men back to work.

After the Tomb of Kha was opened, a hidden chamber emitted dangerous gases. Needing to let the gases dissipate overnight before work could contine, Sallam volunteered to guard the tomb overnight to prevent unauthorized entry.

Rasheed was hit over the head with a detonator plunger, and his body was charred by his own torch fire. The murderer was Demetrios. He did it to cover the robbery of the Jackal headpiece from the tomb. To help destroy evidence, and blame the death on the curse of Kha, Demetrios also burned Sallam's body. As a Muslim,[1] this was an additional offense to Sallam as Islam prohibits cremation.

Sallam's disappearance was discovered later that night by Lawrence, who woke up the rest of the team. Exploring the tomb, they found Sallam's burned body as well as some clues to the murder.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Rasheed Sallam was played by Tariq Alibai.
  • His name is spelled Rashid in the comic adaptation.



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