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The rat is medium-sized, long-tailed rodent that Indiana Jones occasionally encountered on his adventures around the world. His father was scared of rats.[1]

Adventures with rats[]

After the Battle of Verdun numerous rats infested and ate the corpses left over the trenches.[2]

Rats were aboard on the U-boat Wurrfler as it was transporting the Ark of the Covenant.[3]

In 1936, Nazi archaeologist Plebinheim owned a white rat called Tristan.[4]

Rats infested the Venetian catacombs when Indiana Jones and Elsa Schneider journeyed there in 1938 in search of the tomb of Sir Richard.[1]

In the same year S. Spielberg had posted a note on the Barnett College bullentin board, announcing that, among other animals, he had 6000 rats for sale.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Effects technicians from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade created 1,000 mechanical rats to accompany the hundreds of real ones they gathered for the Venetian sewers scenes.[6]



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