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Jones: "Rat snakes aren't that big."
Williams: "Well, this one is, all right?"
Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams[src]

Mutt throwing a rat snake to Jones

A rat snake is a type of medium to large rodent-eating snake. Different species of rat snake inhabit both the Old and New Worlds. Typically skittish, rat snakes may bite, but their bites are usually superficial and non-venomous.


In 1957 in the Amazon, an unusually large rat snake was grabbed by Mutt Williams and taken to a dry sandpit to be used as a rope to rescue Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones. Ravenwood was quick to use the snake to pull herself out of the sand, but Jones balked, due to his ophidiophobia. Eventually, with Ravenwood and Williams both yelling at him and pretending it was a rope, Jones was pulled free, and the hissing snake was tossed back into the jungle.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The snake used in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was actually a Papuan python, given that no real rat snakes grow to the length seen in the film.



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