"You are the worst liar I've ever met! Welcome to the Belgian army."
Belgian recruitment officer[src]

The Recruiting Sergeant was a recruitment officer in the Belgian army during World War I. In May 1916, he was assigned to work at a recruiting office in London, United Kingdom as Belgium had been occupied by German forces.

One day while the sergeant was smoking in his office with his feet up, two potential recruits entered his small office, Remy Baudouin and Henri Defense (Indiana Jones). He gave them paperwork to fill out. He pointed out several irregularities on Defense's form, including his birthplace, marital status of Defense's mother based on her name, and his birthdate. Despite knowing that Defense had likely named himself from the office's "No Smoking" sign and the application's discrepancies, he accepted Defense's application along with Baudouin's and welcomed the two into the Belgian army. Several days later, Defense and Baudouin got their orders to mobilize.

Behind the scenesEdit

Daniel André Pageon played the role of the Recruiting Sergeant in the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episode "London, May 1916".

While that episode was never adapted fully into comics, the scene at the Belgian Army recruitment office was included as a flashback in the Verdun, September 1916 comic.



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