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Regan, sometimes called Red,[2] was an Australian climber who participated in a drinking contest against Marion Ravenwood at her bar, The Raven, in Patan, Nepal in 1936.


Regan[3] was an Australian climber. In 1936, Regan and several other climbers visited Patan, Nepal, and ended up as customers at The Raven, a bar owned by Marion Ravenwood. After the climber and his friends had several drinks, an inebriated Regan engaged the proprietor in a drinking contest.[1]

Soon, the whole bar was watching the two, with half of them including the other Australian climbers betting on Regan and the other half, including the bartender Mohan, betting on Ravenwood. At one point, Marion appeared to be losing but pressed on, and eventually the Australian collapsed in front of Marion and was carried away by his supporters as the bar closed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Regan was portrayed by the late Patrick Durkin in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the character was credited as "Australian Climber".[1] In the comic book adaptation of the film, Marion Ravenwood refers to him as "Red".[2]

For the drinking contest, the film's script originally described Regan and Marion as facing off against each other across The Raven, but director Steven Spielberg ultimately opted to position them at a table on the day of shooting. Spielberg also cut down on the dialogue for the scene as he felt it had been "force-fed" by writer Lawrence Kasdan, reducing Regan to a nonspeaking role.[4]

Regan is omitted from both LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and its sequel, with The Raven levels starting with Marion Ravenwood alone at her bar before the arrival of Major Arnold Ernst Toht.[5][6]



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