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"There's a big snake in the plane, Jock!"
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Reggie was Jock Lindsey's pet snake.


A boa constrictor,[2] Jock Lindsey would often take Reggie with him on trips in his seaplane, letting the snake ride in the front seat. This would terrify and anger Indiana Jones in 1936, who would have to share the seat with the snake even though he was afraid of them.[1] Later, when flying Jones to another of his assignments, Jock was forced to not bring Reggie along, much to his sadness, as he found Reggie to be "quite a comfort" for a boa.[3]

Reggie was still a part of Lindsey's life over a decade later when the pilot settled in Disney Springs, Florida in 1948 wanting to find Reggie a home. Lindsey even named a steamboat after him.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Readers of the Lost Ark letters section of issue 14 of The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, the Marvel Comics writers in charge of the series, when confirming that Jock Lindsey would return in issue 15, promised that Reggie would be "in spirit" if not "in flesh".[5] True to Marvel's promise, Reggie didn't appear but was given a mention in the fifteenth issue of the comic book series.[3]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Reggie is depicted as a red snake, of the same type found in the Well of the Souls.[6] In the sequel, though, Reggie is absent due to all scenes in Peru being ommitted and Jock instead flying a commercial plane instead of OB-CPO when taking Indiana Jones to Nepal.[7]



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