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Sir Reginald Brooksbank was a renowned English archaeologist and heir to a fortune. He had blond wavy hair, and a thin mustache. To his friend Indiana Jones, whom he would hang out with at the Explorers Club in New York City, he was known as Reggie or Brookie.


Around 1936, Sir Reginald Brooksbank went missing in South America while looking for Waldo Shyster-Haven's lost Incan artifacts.

By 1941, he had moved to the Bahamas, and discovered a location of the Akashic Hall of Records on the island of Bimini. Realizing the power of the knowledge that could be accessed in the Hall of Records, he initiated contact with US Army Intelligence to keep the Hall of Records. Learning from the future knowledge that he was to be killed in a car bomb attempt by a Nazi spy, whom he believed to be Colonel Musgrove, he recorded a film message for Indiana Jones on July 26, urging his friend and colleague to believe in the existence of the Hall of Records and try to find its new location before the Nazis could rediscover it. He was apparently killed in the bomb blast.

Secretly, he had hidden in the Hall of Records with a long term supply of food, and when it moved from Bimini to the Pyramid of the Sorcerer at Uxmal, he lived unaware of the current location of the Hall. Jones and Bert Brodowski flew to the Pyramid, and Brooksbank met up with his old friend, who was shocked to discover that Brookie was still alive. Jones relayed that Musgrove wasn't the Nazi bomber, but Major Nichols - who had previously been assigned to be Brooksbank's bodyguard, was the real agent.

When Nichols arrived and took Brodowski hostage, Jones and Brooksbank tried to bluff the Nazi agent. Nichols fired at Jones, but his shot hit Brooksbank in the chest. Warning Jones to prevent the Nazis from finding the Hall of Records again, Brooksbank died inside the Hall. His body remained in the Hall when it jumped to its next location.