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The Rhinoceros (or rhino) is a large odd-toed ungulates, living in sub-saharan Africa, India, and parts of South East Asia. They are known to be ill-tempered and very tough, and often hunted for their horns.[1] A large white rhinoceros, can weigh well over a tonne.

Adventures with rhinoceroses[]

Margaret Trappe once wrote on the rump of a rhinoceros.[2]


Indiana Jones and Meto observe a rhinoceros.

Indiana Jones and his friend Meto saw a rhinoceros while they trekked across the British East African savannah during Henry Jones's world lecture tour. The sight of two of the seven rhinoceros Theodore Roosevelt had shot on a hunting expedition was an early lesson in conservation for the younger Jones.[3]

Jones crossed paths with a rhinoceros again in 1912, while trying to escape from the gang led by Fedora, with the Cross of Coronado on board a circus train. After Jones escaped the reptile car, he was confronted by Roscoe, on board a car containing a captive African rhino for the circus. Jones fought Roscoe, but their fighting caused a lantern to fall inside the car, which agitated the rhino. It subsequently tore its horn through the ceiling of the car, causing both Roscoe and Jones to back off.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Read-Along Adventure on the circus train, instead of escaping from being impaled by a mad rhinoceros, Indy is described to have avoided a tiger's claws.[5]



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