Sir Richard was one of the Knights of the First Crusade who, with his two brothers, set out to find and protect the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ, which they did, in the Temple of the Sun in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Hatay.

One hundred and fifty years after finding the Grail, Richard and one of his brothers began the journey back to France leaving behind the Grail Knight to guard the relic.

Richard died on the way of old age and his body was placed with his shield, one of two markers revealing the Grail's location, in a tomb in the petroleum-filled catacombs of Venice, Italy where he would lie undisturbed until 1938 when Indiana Jones and Elsa Schneider arrived to retrieve a rubbing of the inscription engraved on the shield.

Members of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword ignited the waters to stop the archaeologist's progress which led to Jones tipping Richard's body from the grave to get an air pocket.

Richard's body and shield were left to the fire as Jones and Schneider made their escape.

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