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"The Medlicots are very kind. We are glad to work for them."

Richard Medlicot was the owner of a coffee plantation in British East Africa.


Richard Medlicot[2] was an alumnus of Oxford University, where he was a friend and classmate of Henry Jones.

Henry Jones riding with his son and Medlicot.

By 1908,[3] Medlicot left behind his children to be taught in England, while he moved to a coffee plantation in British East Africa with his wife Karen.[1] He invited the Jones family to visit during Henry Jones's world lecture tour and as they arrived, Medlicot announced that he had arranged for them to join a safari led by Theodore Roosevelt. Medlicot and the Jones family set out immediately by train to reach the safari camp, on the way to Nairobi. On the way, Medlicot entertained his guests with stories of the region, which bored the young adventure-seeking Indy. Taking the train out to Kirinyaga, Medlicot, Henry, and young Indy rode on special seats on the front of the locomotive to better view the African wildlife.[3]

Once settled into the camp, Medlicot showed Indy around the camp, and introduced him to Heller and Frederick Selous, and pointed out Kermit Roosevelt to him. The next day Medlicot accompanied Teddy Roosevelt on the hunt after Indy's first shooting lesson.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Medlicot was portrayed by Edward Tudor-Pole in the episode "British East Africa, September 1909" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. When the episode was edited into The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones film Passion for Life, Medlicot's introduction at his plantation as well as the "college greeting" with Henry — first seen between Henry Jones and Marcus Brody in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade — were cut.

Passion for Life now begins with Henry Jones, Henry Jr. and Medlicot riding on the front of the locomotive through Africa. Medlicot is still seen guiding young Indy around the camp and introducing him.



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