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Richter was encountered by Indiana Jones in 1935 during his quest for the Mirror of Dreams.

Behind the scenesEdit

Richter was voiced by Kai Wulff and listed in the credits of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, though he was cut from the final game itself.

The game's directory files show that Richter was supposed to appear alongside Albrecht Von Beck in the Prague Castle library, reprehended by Von Beck for his lack of success in finding the second piece of the Mirror, Richter was then ordered to speed up the research in time for Beck's departure for Instanbul, or face the wrath of the Fuhrer. Richter was then commanded to capture Indiana Jones alive for interrogation.

Richter disregarded his superior's orders, following Jones into the Alchemist's Lab and holding him at gunpoint but was then killed by the homonculus.


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