This article is about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's motorcycle chase. You may be looking for the soundtrack's A Whirl Through Academe.

The Ride Through Academy was a 1957 motorcycle chase in which Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams were pursued by KGB agents.



Mutt Williams and Indiana Jones on Mutt's bike at the campus of Marshall College

In 1957, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams escaped from KGB agents who wanted to capture them at Arnie's Diner. They fled on Williams's motorcycle and were chased by two cars of KGB agents across the campus of Marshall College. They rode through demonstrating students, and a demonstration banner fell onto the windshield of a pursuing car, resulting in a crash of the car against a statue memorial of Marcus Brody. In order to to shake off the remaining car, Mutt rode his bike into the college's library. They nearly collided with a book-carrying student and the motorbike fell on its side and slid under multiple tables until it was stopped by the chair of another student. They got back onto the motorcycle again and drove to Jones's home.

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