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"I'd always been told that Indiana Jones fan base, while enthusiastic, was too small to be taken seriously. That's why my novels appeared one after another without a word of publicity or promotion."
―Rob MacGregor[src]

Rob MacGregor is an American author. After adapting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as a novel, he went on to write the first six entries in Bantam's series of original Indiana Jones stories.

MacGregor partly credits his background as a travel writer for the relatively quick turnaround on completing his manuscripts; having personally done much of the globetrotting that Indiana Jones has done, the author retaining preexisting research from journey to South America, visiting countries like Colombia and Venezuela for over two or three years, and providing articles for the travel sections of daily Sunday newspapers or to magazines such as Omni and Science, which allowed MacGregor to make a living, especially whenever he resold them.[1]

He was set to return to the franchise with a new novel based on the 2009 Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings video game before the completed book was cancelled due to issues surrounding the release schedule of the game itself.

Starting in August of 2021, the author read the entirety of the manuscript for Staff of Kings in an episodic format for his podcast, The Mystical Underground.[2] In March 2023, independent of Lucasfilm Ltd., the story was released after 15 years as an eBook.[3]

During a 2013 Reddit AMA, MacGregor mentioned that he would have liked to write an Indy novel in which Indiana Jones confronts Tulpas - entities created by meditating Tibetan monks high in the Himalayas that individuated and became their own beings with the ability to appear fully physical or vanish at a moment's notice.[4]

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