Robert "Bob" Ross was an American army general who Indiana Jones befriended during the Second World War. He later rescued Jones from the desert of Nevada after the detonation of the Doom Town in 1957.


Robert Ross met American archaeologist Indiana Jones at some point during World War II.[1]

In 1957, after Jones was coerced by Soviet soldiers led by Soviet agent Irina Spalko to find the Roswell remains at Hangar 51, he was trapped in Doom Town and barely survived using a lead refrigerator to escape the nuclear blast. Ross rescued Jones and took him to his base where his men took care of bathing/cleaning Jones and removing him any kind of radiation. During Jones' subsequent interrogation by FBI agents Smith and Taylor, General Ross vouched for Jones, insisting that he was not someone who would side with the Communists, although the agents dismissed his claims and the agency pressured Marshall College to fire Jones.[1]

Later, when Colonel George McHale revealed to Jones during a chase through the Amazon jungle that he was a double agent working for the CIA, he mentioned that General Ross was Mac's control agent, and that McHale had secretly contacted him to bail Jones out of the aftermath of the Hangar 51 intrusion. However, Mac's statements turned out to be a ruse to be spared, resulting in Irina Spalko and her remaining men in confronting them at the Temple of Akator, where Spalko and her men as well as Mac were all killed.[1]

Following Jones' return to Bedford after the search of Akator, Ross attended Jones' wedding to Marion Ravenwood, which took place on October 18, 1957.[2]

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Robert Ross was played by Alan Dale in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

In the film, Mac tells Indy that he infiltrated Spalko's Spetsnaz unit as a double agent working for the CIA, with Ross as his control agent, reason for which he contacted Ross to bail Indy out from the aftermath of the Soviets' intrusion to Hangar 51. However, while it's later clarified that Mac wasn't actually a CIA agent, it's left unclear how he knew that Ross was on Nevada to get Indy out from the FBI interrogation.

In the Marvel Comics' comic book adaptation, Ross is depicted as sitting where Harold Oxley sits during Indy's wedding. On the other hand, in The Greatest Adventures of Indiana Jones, a photography of Ross is erroneously used to represent Antonin Dovchenko yet both characters never interact each other in the actual film.

Ross is absent from the story of LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, but is still an unlockable character. He utilizes a bazooka as his personal weapon.

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