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Robert "Bob" Ross was an American army general who Indiana Jones befriended during the Second World War. He later rescued Jones from the desert of Nevada after the detonation of the Doom Town in 1957.


General Robert Ross first met American archaeologist Indiana Jones during World War II.[1]

By 1957, Ross had become a two-stars General[2] and he and Indy had been friends for over ten years.[3] After Jones' survival of a nuclear blast at Doom Town, Nevada using a lead refrigerator, Ross interrupted Jones's subsequent interrogation by FBI agents Paul Smith and Taylor. The general vouched for Jones, insisting that the archaeologist and US war hero was not someone who would side with the Communists, but the agency pressured Marshall College to fire Jones anyway.[1]

Later, during a chase through the Amazon jungle, Colonel George McHale told Jones that he was a double agent working for the CIA and that General Ross was his control agent. McHale claimed he had secretly contacted Ross to bail Jones out of the aftermath of the Hangar 51 intrusion. However, Mac's statements turned out to be[4] another ruse to fool Jones.[1]

General Ross was a guest at Jones's wedding to Marion Ravenwood, having made it from Nevada,[5] on October 18, 1957.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Robert Ross was portrayed by Alan Dale in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.[1]

In the film, George McHale tells Indiana Jones that he infiltrated Irina Spalko's Spetsnaz unit as a double agent working for the CIA.[1] He elaborates further in the Dark Horse Comics' comic book adaptation saying that Robert Ross was his control agent, and that he had contacted Ross to assist Indy in the aftermath of the Soviets' infiltration of to Hangar 51. However, while it's later clarified that Mac wasn't actually a CIA agent, it remains unclear how he knew that Ross was in Nevada to help get Indy out of the FBI interrogation. The comic also depicts Ross as in the seat Harold Oxley occupies during Indy's wedding in the film.[4]

In the novelization, during the wedding, Ross is outfitted in dress blues and sporting a saber at his side,[5] while in the comic he is simply dressed with a military suit.[4]

The character's uniform indicates a backstory not specified in any Indiana Jones source: Major General Robert Ross was a decorated combat veteran and career soldier. Twice awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, his last combat tour was with the 4th Infantry Division. In addition to the 4ID combat patch on his right shoulder, he was entitled to wear the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the American Defense Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, the Army Occupation Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the UN Service Medal. He also wore the Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge, the Army Staff Identification Badge, and an Army Presidential Unit Citation. By the time he encountered Jones in Arizona in 1957, General Ross was in command of the US Army Military District of Washington, wearing the unit's patch on his left shoulder.

In The Greatest Adventures of Indiana Jones, a photograph of Robert Ross is erroneously used to represent Antonin Dovchenko.[7] The characters never interact in the film.[6]

Ross is absent from the story of LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, but is still an unlockable character. He utilizes a bazooka as his personal weapon.[8]



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