Template:InfoboxThe Rock Crusher got rid of the unwanted rocks that the children mined. There was a big angular stone that the stones tumbled down, the rocks being carried on a rather long conveyor belt. That conveyor led to The Rock Crusher, a giant stone wheel powered by steam. It had many pistons and gears to enable it to grind the stones.The way the rocks we're taken to the Rock Crusher was by the mine cart system in the mine. The mine carts went 1 MPH to enable the children to put plenty of stones and rubble to be trasported to the Rock Crusher. The mine cars went up a steep part of the mine track system, tumped over themselfs, and let the rocks fall onto the conveyor belt. Eventually, a fight broke out between the Chief Guard and Indiana Jones, but the unfortunate guard accidentally got his bright red sash caught in the Rock Crusher. The guard was pulled to a grisly death, leaving his remains stuck on the Rock Crusher. The remains soon clogged up the Rock Crusher, leav


The Chief Guard's bright red sash caught in the Rock Crusher.

ing it stuck and unable to turn. The complicated mechanism was later destroyed by the force of the water that had come out of the giant water bucket.


The Chief Guard's remains on the Rock Crusher.

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