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 The Rock Crusher was a steam-powered crushing machine that disposed of the unwanted rocks in the
Mineshaft. The device was very complicated. There we're lots and lots of gears for it to enable to run properly. The way the rocks we're delivered to The Rock Crusher was by a mine car system. There was a very long track in the Mineshaft that had three different mine cars going 1 mph, enabling the slave children to put lots of rubble in the mine cars in each load. The mine cars then went up a small slope, and then dumped they're rocks to they're left, and the rocks fell onto a very long conveyor belt. That conveyor belt led to The Rock Crusher, a 30 ton stone wheel turning about 2 inchs off the conveyor belt to let the rocks get stuck under the huge wheel, enabling The Rock Crusher to grind them to dust. Later on, when the fight broke out between the Chief Guard and Indiana, the Chief Guard was killed. He had a tug of his sash, and turned around to see that his sash was accidentally caught in the wheel. In a panic, he grabbed a rope affixed to a pulley. Indy saw his idea, and grabbed the other end. The man had a good idea, but still, was pulled to his death. The Chief Guard's remains we're now stuck on The Rock Crusher, and stopped up the giant wheel. Mola Ram commanded his henchmen to push over they're water supply, a giant water bucket. The water bucket was pushed over, and the force from the water knocked over The Rock Crusher, and smashed it to bits, leaving the machine completely in ruins.


The Chief Guard's remains on the wheel.


The Chief Guard's sash caught in the Rock Crusher.


Behind The Scenes

The entire Rock Crusher scene was originally called "The Steamroller" in the script. Later on, once "The Steamroller" set was completed and they we're filming with it, Steven Spielberg suggested that they call it The Rock Crusher since there are mechanisms that don't look like The Rock Crusher but are similar to them.

Ironically, Harrison Ford didn't actually play Indiana Jones in the entire fighting part of the scene with the Chief Guard. He was actually played by stuntman Vic Armstrong. The only parts that we're Harrison himself we're the closeup parts, like when he's screaming as he moves closer & closer to the wheel. Apparently, Harrison said that the day after he hurt his back, he got out of bed. He just stood there, for severe pain was going down his back. He said that it took him 30 mins to get back in bed.

The Rock Crusher was apparently the most exspensive set piece. All of the fake steam and the gears and other things we're very exspensive to get a hold of.

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