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Mara Rogers: "You're not a treasure hunter. You're a scientist."
Indiana Jones: "Think again."
Mara Rogers and Indiana Jones speaking of Walcott[src]

Roland Walcott was an English lab assistant at the Sorbonne in Paris.


In 1924, Roland Walcott lead a spelunking expedition of which Sorbonne students Indiana Jones and Mara Rogers were a part. After Jones and Rogers found Ice Age artifacts in a cave network in Montignac, Walcott attempted to kill them for claim to the treasure but failed. Before he could be arrested for attempted murder, Walcott dived into the caves' underwater river and was presumed dead.

Four years later, Walcott reappeared in Jones's life in Utah when he kidnapped Jones's friend Jack Shannon who he'd mistaken for the archaeologist but was ultimately killed by a bullet in the back from Mara Rogers.

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