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The ancient Roman civilization flourished out of the city of Rome in Italy along the Mediterranean coast. In around twelve centuries of existence, the Romans shifted from a monarchy (753 BC509 BC) to a republic that was eventually transformed into an empire which encompassed most of Europe and parts of Asia and Africa before its eventual decline by the year 500 AD.

Adventures with Roman archaeology[]

Judas betrayed Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of Roman silver which became cursed.[1]

According to a group of French scholars looking for their own national version of Excalibur, Caesar wielded a shape-shifting sword while on campaign in Gaul.[1]

When dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini sought out an Imperial Fasces from the time of Julius Caesar, high ranking Nazis Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler worked against him without Adolf Hitler's knowledge.[1]

In 1945, Indiana Jones and his father searched for the Lance of Longinus, the fabled "Spear of Destiny" used by Roman soldier Longinus to lance the side of a crucified Christ though its went back further to Celtic Ireland.[2]

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