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Romania (or Rumania) is a country in Eastern Europe.

Adventures in Romania[]

In 1914, the Pietroasa bowl was stolen from a Romanian museum by Markos Kourou.[1]

Four years later, during World War I, Indiana Jones journeyed to Transylvania under Colonel Waters to investigate the strange behaviour of enemy separatist general Mattias Targo and the disappearance of three Allied agents who preceded them.

Jones found that Targo, at the very least, thought he was Vlad the Impaler and demonstrated abilties associated with vampires. His confrontation with the general ended when Jones droves a stake through Targo's chest where four roads met.[2]

In 1935, when he had become an archaeologist, Jones returned to Romania in search of the Cup of Djemsheed.[3]

Notable Romanians[]

Behind the scenes[]

"Transylvania, January 1918" contains a number of errors when it comes to Romanian history.

Transylvania is identified as being in northwestern Romania.[2] However, in 1918, Transylvania was still part of Hungary. The region only became part of Romania after WWI. Nicholas Hunyadi identifies Vlad Tepes as having been the Prince of Transylvania.[2] In actuality, Tepes was the ruler of Wallachia (an entirely different region), one of the countries that would unite in 1859 to then officially become the Kingdom of Romania in 1881.[4] Furthermore, Nicholas labels Tepes "the Devil".[2] An unlikely statement for a Romanian to make, as Tepes is seen as a national hero in Romania (who defended his people against invaders).[4]

Colonel Waters identifies Romania as an ally of Austria.[2] However, Romania had entered the war in 1916, on the Allied side.[5] A ceasefire was negotiated in December of 1917 (the Russian revolution and withdraw from the war had left Romania isolated between Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans, leaving the country in a dangerous position). On May 7th 1918, the Treaty of Bucharest was signed (though, King Ferdinand I of Romania refused to sign it), marking Romania's exit from the war[6] (they would rejoin the Allies at the end of the war). Masks of Evil semi-corrects this error by moving the events of September, 1918 (well after the Treaty of Bucharest was signed). Though, the Romania was from that point a German-occupied country, as opposed to the ally claimed by Colonel Waters.

In the episode, Allied intelligence presents a theory that General Mattias Targo has "formed a separatist army, with no allegiance to either the Germans or the Allies. His intentions is to fight his own war, for Romanian independence".[2] However, Romania (along with Serbia and Montenegro) had gained independence from the Ottoman empire during the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). A more plausible theory for the Allies to have (given real-world history of Romania during WWI), would have been that Targo is a Romanian General who had refused to lay down arms after the December 1917 ceasefire and the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest.



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