"Oh, look at that... We're rich... We're rich!"

Roscoe was a member of the grave robbing gang led by Fedora, which recovered the Cross of Coronado in 1912.

Biography Edit

In 1912, Roscoe was a member of Fedora's grave robbing gang as they were excavating at a Utah canyon after being hired by antiquities collector Panama Hat to retrieve the Cross of Coronado. When Roscoe found it, he got so excited that he annoyed Half Breed.[1]

After Indiana Jones stole the Cross of Coronado, Roscoe chased Indy and fought him on a circus train. During the fight, Roscoe gained an edge over Indy by pulling a knife, but lost his opportunity when he and Jones were nearly gored through the train car by an agitated rhinoceros, as Jones accidentally caused a lamp to fall on the rhino's horn after Roscoe made him trip on the wagon. After Indy was pulled to safety from the lion car, Roscoe stepped in to grab the Cross but let go because he was frightened by a snake that wriggled out of Indy's sleeve.[1]

Roscoe later showed up at the Jones residence with Fedora and recovered the treasure with the help of the Sheriff after Panama Hat claimed to be the rightful owner of the Cross. Overjoyed to retake the Cross, Roscoe left the residence and gave the Cross to Panama Hat, who then gave him the gang's payment for their services.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Roscoe was portrayed by Bradley Gregg in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In the Rob MacGregor's novelization and in Ryder Windham's junior adaptation of the film, Indy nicknamed him "The Kid".

During the development of the film's script, written by Jeffrey Boam, Roscoe was originally going to be bitten by the snake that slithers from Indy's sleeve during the circus train chase after rescuing him from the lion wagon. His fate afterwards went unmentioned.[2]

Roscoe's confrontation against Indy originally intended to have Roscoe trying to stab Jones with his knife only to end up stabbing the rhino's horn instead. This portion of the scene got up deleted from the final cut, however. Parallel to their characters' enmity, River Phoenix and Bradley Gregg were good friends in real life.[3]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Roscoe, along the gang's truck driver, is absent from the Young Indy sequence which is left out of the sequel.


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