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Roswell is a town in eastern New Mexico, in the southwest region of the United States of America. A small agricultural and ranching town, it is best known for an incident in 1947 in which a UFO crashed, leaving debris and its non-human pilot. The government was quick to recover all the crash site artifacts and cover up the incident.[1]

The Air Force rounded up a group of twenty experts, including Indiana Jones, to investigate the wreckage and body, which exhibited intense magnetic fields. Jones was not allowed to speak with the other experts under threat of treason charges.[1]

The crash victim's remains were stored at Hangar 51. A decade later, Jones was kidnapped by Soviet agents who were aware that Jones was one of the Roswell investigators and forced him to help them find the remains stored in Hangar 51 as part of a greater effort to find Akator.[1]



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