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The Royal Air Force (RAF) of the United Kingdom was founded towards the end of World War I, (through the merger of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service) and went on to play an important role in World War II. In the initial stages of the conflict, it played a defensive role in the Battle of Britain but later it provided offensive bombing.


In 1937, Amanda Knight, in her guise as Victoria Keith, claimed her father was an RAF pilot.[1]

Marion Ravenwood's husband, Colin Williams, was a pilot in the RAF during World War II and lost his life in its service.[2]

In 1944, the RAF was present during an attack on an occupied castle in eastern France. The RAF and their American counterparts then attacked a fleeing Nazi plunder train evacuating stolen goods, damaging various sections of the train and partially destroying an anti-aircraft gun which caused the weaponry to shoot several soldiers on board, a move which ultimately saved Indiana Jones and Basil Shaw from the pursuing soldiers. Jones and Shaw attempted to get their allies' attention but soon realized they weren't seen by the friendly aircraft and jumped from a bridge, part of which was destroyed by a bomb dropped via an RAF Mosquito, causing the train to derail.[3]




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