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The Royal Italian Army (Italian: Regio Esercito) (RE) were the land forces of the Kingdom of Italy and was established with the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. In World War I they fought in the Entente Powers against the Central Powers but in World War II they joined forces with Nazi Germany in the Axis Powers and were led by the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Many Italian soldiers were Blackshirts.

Indiana Jones encountered Italian soldiers several times as they, like the German Nazis, held interest in archaeology and mysticism. He fought with them in World War I and against them in World War II.

Adventures with the Royal Italian Army[]


Luigi (A Royal Italian Army Soldier from World War I)

In 1917, Indy worked along side Royal Italian Army soldier Luigi. They worked together with the rest of the RE to convince Austro-Hungarian soldiers to surrender to the Italians in The Alps.[1]

In 1926, Fascist Blackshirts beat the Italian scholar Codirolli to death.[2]

In 1928, Jones wondered if he would be branded a Fascist by his colleagues when he competed with and was captured by anti-Fascist Mafioso Diego Calderone over the alicorn. Jones fled Calerdone's residence with the artifact but the gangster was killed by Fascist soldiers when orders came from Il Duce for his arrest.[3]

In 1937, Indy encountered Blackshirt soldiers in Vatican City and RE soldiers in Siam while looking for the Great Circle.[4]

Indy GC Royal Italian Army Soldier Vatican

An Italian Soldier in Vatican City

In 1938, when Jones arrived in Venice looking for his missing father, his pleasure at being in the city was subdued when he witnessed Fascist Blackshirts attacking a man.[5]

In 1941, upon exiting Vatican City, Jones found himself trapped between Blackshirts led by Rudolfo Grazieni and Nazi forces under Helmut von Mephisto.[6]



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