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Safari Sleuth is the third young adult adaptation of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles published by Random House. Released in 1992, the book adapted the episode "British East Africa, September 1909".

Publisher's summary[]

Indy stalks adventure!

Camping out in a tent in the African bush, being taught to shoot by ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, escaping a hungry lion, and eating fried wildebeest...What ten-year-old boy could ask for more?

Young Indiana Jones could! Sure, he's having a great time, but when he hears about the fringe-eared oryx——a rare breed of antelope that Roosevelt just can't seem to find——he's determinded to track it down!

What Indy doesn't bargain for is the mystery surrounding the oryx, the danger involved in finding it, or just how far his search will take him....

Young Indiana Jones——you've seen him on TV in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, traveling the world as a kid and a teen, encountering some of the best minds and biggest events in history. Now read about his African safari adventure, based on the television episode "British East Africa, September 1909"!





  • Grant's gazelle (Mentioned only)
  • Fringe-eared Oryx
  • Lion
  • Saddle-backed lechwe (Mentioned only)
  • Thomson's gazelle (Mentioned only)
  • Viper