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Safari in Africa is a Golden Book, part of the imprint's Golden Star Readers series, released in 1993. The story adapted the "British East Africa, September 1909" episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series.

The book was written by Sally Bell with illustrations by Gonzalez Vincente.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Golden Star Readers™ are the top rung on the Golden Reader Program ladder. Designed with the skills of the second- and third-grade child in mind, these books contain high-interest subject matter that will stretch, but not strain, the young reader's newly acquired ability to read alone. Golden Star Readers are a natural third step after the first-level Golden Very Easy Readers™ and the second-level Golden Easy Readers®.

In its entirety, the Golden Reader Program will help children sharpen their reading skills as well as instill a lifetime love of books.

Plot summaryEdit






Behind the scenesEdit

Richard Medlicot and Frederick Selous are not mentioned at all in the text of Safari in Africa but are depicted in the illustrations several times. Kermit, Theodore Roosevelt's son, is mentioned just once but the accompanying image appears to mistake Kermit for Medlicot, which may suggest that all ilustrations of the figure that is a match for Medlicot in appearance and dress from the television episode itself are actually intended to be Kermit Roosevelt.