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This article is about the city. You may be looking for the restaurant, St. Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg (formerly Petrograd and Leningrad) is the second largest city in Russia, and the nation's former capital. Construction began on the city in 1703 during the reign of Peter I.

Adventures in Saint Petersburg[]

A station of Henry Jones's 1908-1910 world lecture tour on their way to Kuntsevo, young Indiana Jones had an incident with a pig in Saint Petersburg that resulted in it painted purple.

Indiana Jones revisited Saint Petersburg with his father on their way to Georgia in 1913. He met Tamar Rustava there.

In 1917, Jones returned to the city, then known as Petrograd, as a spy. The following year, the Russian capital was moved.

Petrograd was renamed Leningrad in honor of Vladimir Lenin following his death in 1924.

A museum in Leningrad was one of the few locations with a rare surviving manuscript of the Hermocrates, the Lost Dialogue of Plato. In 1939 Nazi agents under Klaus Kerner broke in and stole the manuscript while Indy and Marcus Brody met with curator Vladimir Radichenko.

Behind the scenes[]

Leningrad was considered as a location for the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis but the idea was dropped during production.[1] However, the city appears in the comic book adaptation.



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