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"Sajnu will guide you."
Chieftain to Indiana Jones[src]

Sajnu was an Indian man who lived in the village of Mayapore.


Sajnu was one of the few members of the warrior caste living in the village of Mayapore. He led the men of the village in its defense and sometimes, at Marhan's behest, acted as a guide for travelers. He was the only person in Mayapore to own a modern rifle, obtained in trade for helping out a British explorer when he was younger. Since then he had become quite proficient in its use, and often was called upon to protect the village from animals and other dangers.[2]

When Indiana Jones was tasked in 1935 by Marhan and the village Chieftain with retrieving both the village's children as well as Sivalinga,[1] Sajnu was assigned by Marhan[2] with escorting Jones and his companions to Pankot Palace via elephant. However, when they came upon a foreboding statue of Kali at the base the palace, Sajnu and the other guides turned back in fear, leaving Jones, Willie and Short Round to continue on their own.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Sajnu had excellent fighting skills and a great deal of knowledge about the local region of India and of its legends.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Sajnu was portrayed by Stany De Silva in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. His name is sometimes misspelled as "Sanju".[1]



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