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Sally Jones was the imagined second child of Nancy Stratemeyer with her then boyfriend Indiana Jones in February, 1916.

While predicting their future together, Stratemeyer told Jones that she foresaw them getting married and having two children. First a boy, Henry Jones III, then a girl named Sally.[1]

However, it was not to be. Jones went to fight in the Mexican Revolution then World War I just a month later. By the time he had returned to Princeton three years later, Stratemeyer had moved on and settled down by marrying Jones' high school rival Butch, giving him a son in the form of Butch junior.[2]

Jones would indeed go on to have a son named Henry Jones III in 1938[3] but he was commonly known as Mutt Williams and the coupling was with Marion Ravenwood, whom he had left some months before. Jones never learned about his having a son until 1957[4]. Jones also would father a daughter sometime in or after 1957 after he finally had married Marion.[5]


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