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San Francisco is one of the major metropolitan areas of the United States of America, in the state of California. In the top 15 most-populous city in America for the entire 20th century, San Francisco grew from being a Pacific coast trading port to one of the pre-eminent cities of the world, especially when combined with its Bay Area metropolitan neighbors such as Oakland and San Jose.

One of the first major American seaports on the Pacific Ocean, and connecting through San Francisco Bay toward the gold fields and agricultural valleys of central California, San Francisco grew into being the west coast's financial hub as well as starting point for immigrants during the mid and late 1800's. Devastated in 1906 by a huge earthquake and fire, the city rebounded quickly. San Francisco took the world stage in 1945, when the United Nations charter was signed there.

Key points of interest in San Francisco during the adventures of Indiana Jones include the Golden Gate Bridge (completed in November 1936, opened in 1937) and Chinatown.

Adventures in San Francisco[]

In 1936, Indiana Jones boarded a Pan Am Clipper seaplane in San Francisco as he headed off across the Pacific toward Nepal in search of Abner Ravenwood.

Later that year, Jones returned to San Francisco to pick up a coffin containing the remains of a mummified Chinese emperor. With the coffin wanted by Shih Ho's Tong and the IRA, Jones discovered that the coffin contains the body of the IRA's operative in China, and headed off the China.

In 1939, Jones returned to the Chinatown neighborhood of the city as part of his adventure to track down his missing mentor, Charles Kingston. Jones' friend Archie Tan had clues to Kingston's whereabouts, but Magnus Völler had hired Blind Duck to kidnap Tan and his granddaughter. Jones rescued them both and retrieved the Jade Sphere, leaving Völler with nothing.



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