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This article is about the priest. You may be looking for the god of false teachings.

Sankara was a priest of Shiva, according to Hindu legend.


Sankara Stones

Three of the Sankara Stones

In the legends, Sankara sought enlightenment by ascending to the peak of Mount Kalisa. There, Shiva rewarded him with the gift of five stones with which to combat evil.[1]

In his journal, Indiana Jones noted that according to the legend of Sankara, the diamonds in the stones would glow when the stones are placed in proximity to each other - similar to legend of the fiery pillar from which Shiva emerged.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The legendary figure of Sankara might be a reference to Adi Shankara, a Hindu philosopher who helped usher in a major revival in Hinduism in the 8th century. Legends about Adi Shankara include an encounter with Shiva.



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