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The Sanskrit manuscript was a centuries old cloth fragment of a manuscript written in Sanskrit that depicted part of the legend of Sankara, a Hindu priest who climbed Mount Kalisa and was given five magical stones by the god Shiva with which to go forth and combat evil.[1]

In 1935, a village child of Mayapore escaped from imprisonment by the Thuggee cult of Kali with the manuscript and managed to make his way home. There he collapsed into the arms of the newly arrived Indiana Jones clutching the artifact which helped the archaeologist realise that the sacred rock stolen from the settlement was one of the five "Sankara Stones".[1]

Jones kept the manuscript in his journal[2] and headed for Pankot where he later discovered a painting with the same image as the cloth on the wall of a secret entrance to the Temple of Doom beneath Pankot Palace.[1] He'd note in his journal that although the language between the two pieces varied slightly, their meaning was the same.[2]



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