Satan or Shaitan, also known as Lucifer, the Devil or the Lord of Darkness, is the antithesis of the Judeo-Christian God / Islamic Allah.

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According to the Apocrypha, the Lord of Darkness convinced Cain to kill his brother Abel with a knife and introduce murder into the world in exchange for the blade's power.[1]

In 1934, Indiana Jones and the mother-daughter duo of Faye and Mystery Maskelyne met the Yezidi of Iraq who had a reputation as devil-worshipers. Sheikh Ali Azhad pointed out that Shaitan was not revered but treated with respect through fear in a way that Allah didn't need to be as a figure of good.[2]

By 1936, legend held that Satan's soul was sealed within an amulet, the Devil's Heart, which was kept in a box hidden amongst the other treasures of the Lucifer Chamber (near Merthyr Tydfil, Wales) which was rumored to be the entrance to Hell. However, Austin "Cutter" Coleridge, dismissed as a madman by fellow former Princeton student Marcus Brody, claimed that the chamber actually gave access to Agharta, a golden city of ancient Druids inhabiting the Earth's core. When Coleridge began to break through the doorway, he was consumed by an occult force that momentarily took shape around him as a horned entity before it detonated explosives in the Lucifer Chamber which sealed the cave.[3]

Later, when Ben Ali Ayoob tried to retrieve the Devil's Heart after its box fell into his fireplace, he was suddenly engulfed by black flames which vaporized him so quickly that his outline was briefly maintained within the blaze which Indiana Jones privately conceded that, if he believed in such "religious dogma," could be interpreted as the wrath of angry demon.[3]

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