Schlomo Petryk was a professor from Marshall College and the inventor of the time-determine-machine. He had a son, Peter.

Biography Edit

In August 1942, Petryk first tested the machine, his lifelong pursuit, but an error pulled a person from another dimension into the world.

Half a year later, in 1943, the CIA and many other agencies heard of the device and sent their best men to acquire or destroy it. Petryk and Indiana Jones were then kidnapped and tortured by Malone and his men. Indy made it out, and later rescued Petryk with the help of Zacharias Kramer and his dog Killer. They then fled to a ship which got destroyed.

In the jungle Petryk started the machine up a second time, which resulted the arrival of another interdimensional traveler. Afterwards, Petryk and Indiana decided that it would be the best to leave the machine in the other dimension to which the intelligence agents agreed.

Appearances Edit

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