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Mutt Williams attacked by scorpions at the Chauchilla Cemetery

"When it comes to scorpions, the bigger the better. A small one bites you, don't keep it to yourself."
―Indiana Jones[src]

A scorpion is a type of arachnid, with over 2,000 known species. Living in nearly all parts of the world, they have a unique body shape with two front claws, four walking legs, and a tail stinger. While all scorpions use a venom to attack prey, only a few scorpion species have venom that is dangerous to humans.

Adventures with scorpions[]

A scorpion in the desert.

In 1936, while reaching for a Hopi arrowhead in Arizona, Lucy Giles let a scorpion crawl onto her arm. Her scream brought the attention of her professor, Indiana Jones, and the rest of the "Archaeology 223" expedition. Hoping to avoid it striking anyone, Jones deftly used his bullwhip to flick the scorpion off of his student.[1]

In 1957, while exploring the Chauchilla Cemetery in Nazca, Peru, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams encountered a group of black scorpions. Despite his best efforts, Williams was stung by one and was concerned about poison. Jones' comments about scorpion size only provided Williams with a little relief.[2]


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