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"Let my armies be the rocks and the trees, and the birds in the sky."
Henry Jones after using the seagulls.[src]

Seagulls, also known as gulls, are marine birds.


In 1938, while escaping from a Pilatus P-2, Indiana Jones and his father headed down a slope to the seashore where a flock of seagulls where gathered. As the plane circled around to shoot at the two defenseless adventurers on the shore, the elder Jones, suddenly inspired by the birds, used his umbrella to frighten the flock into the air. With seabirds filling the sky, the fighter plane collided with many of them, jamming its engine, and smashing the cockpit glass. With a stopped engine, and unable to see, the pilot crashed the plane into a nearby hillside. As Jones Sr. walked casually toward his son, he recited a passage from Charlemagne.[1]



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