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Shanghai is one of the major metropolitan areas of China, located on the Pacific Ocean. In the early twentieth century, it was a major center of commerce, industry, finance, culture and politics, as it was a treaty port, with some of its land ceded to the colonial powers of Europe, America and Japan for trade. Many foreign nationals made Shanghai their home. By the 1930s, organized crime also had a strong base in the city.

Key points of interest in Shanghai during the adventures of Indiana Jones include the Club Obi Wan, a nightclub frequented by Lao Che.

Adventures in Shanghai[]

Shanghai map

A map of Shanghai's British and French concessions around 1935.

In 1932, the Japanese bombed the city to crush Chinese dissent over the province of Manchuko, which was the new name of Manchuria during the time of the Japanese occupation. At this time, Short Round's parents were killed. Left without family, the young boy became a pickpocket and taxi driver to survive.[1]

In 1935, Indiana Jones met with Lao Che at Club Obi Wan to trade Nurhachi's ashes for a large diamond. However, Lao Che attempted to double-cross Jones, and Jones' friend Wu Han and Lao Che's son Chen were both killed. Jones escaped with Short Round and Willie Scott, catching a flight out of Shanghai from Nang Tao Airport.[2]

In June 1936, after picking up Alex Beresford-Hope in Tibet, Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody flew to Shanghai aboard OB1. In Shanghai, Jones and Beresford-Hope found passage on a freighter headed to the Arctic Ocean, to help them reach the Tomb of the Gods. Before leaving, Brody cautioned Jones that some knowledge, such as that contained in the Tomb of the Gods, was best left a mystery. Unbeknownst to Jones, a spy working for Friedrich von Hassell monitored Jones' departure. After Jones and Beresford-Hope left, Brody changed his mind, and set off in a whaling ship after Jones.[3]

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