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Shangri-La was a lost city in Tibet believed to hold the key to eternal life.


James Hilton authored a novel in which he wrote of Shangri-La called Lost Horizon. In it, Hilton described a lost city high in the Himalayas, protected from the cold by a freak climate.[1] Ronald Coleman, a British diplomat fleeing a collapsing China, becomes stranded there. It is a paradise on earth, with no crime or violence, and the residents are guaranteed virtual immortality.

In 1934, Marion Ravenwood and the newest recruit of the Adventure Society joined forces to thwart the Man with the Silver Eye. Knowing Silver Eye sought immortality, the adventurers moved to collapse the entrance to the city.[2]

Dr. Indiana Jones discovered Chanri-Ha, a lost city remarkably similar to Shangri-La, by accident in 1938; the similarities led him to believe that Hilton had in fact discovered the city himself and based his story on it.[1]

The city of Ra-Lundi, discovered by Jones and Ravenwood in 1936, was also considered to be like Shangri-La.



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