"Big fin... Really big fin. Great white-sized fin. Uh..."
―Indiana Jones[src]

A shark is a type of fish with a cartilaginous skeleton, found in many of the world's oceans. There are many types of sharks, some of which are large enough to be at the top of the marine food chain. Sharks are carnivores with a keen sense of smell. A few shark species will attack humans, including the great white shark. Sharks are hunted by some sea-going cultures for food (such as shark's fin soup) and form part of the mythology of some maritime cultures.

In 1936, Indiana Jones and Janice Le Roi were left adrift aboard a capsized lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan. A bleeding wound on Le Roi's arm had attracted several sharks, which circled around them. Le Roi vowed to eat nothing but shark fin's soup if she ever escaped from that situation. A hammerhead shark tried to attack, but Le Roi batted it with a plank. Later, a large great white shark discovered them, and broke apart their ship in an attack. Before it could bite the pair, it was harpooned by a whaling ship that had been attracted to a fire set by Jones on their overturned boat.

In 1947, Jones encountered several sharks in the lagoons around Palawan, in the Philippines. He used a machete to defend himself from their attacks while trying to reach the volcano.

Sharks live in the Bay of Bengal.[1]

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In real life, hammerhead sharks generally do not attack people, nor do they dwell in the Pacific Ocean north of Japan.

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