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A Sherpa Brawler resided in Patan, Nepal in 1936, working as a guide and goon-for-hire for travellers. That year, he served as one of Nazi Gestapo intelligence agent Major Arnold Ernst Toht’s henchmen alongside many others as the German was visiting Patan to retrieve the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra from Marion Ravenwood at her bar, The Raven, for their mission to unearth the Ark of the Covenant at the Well of the Souls at Tanis outside Cairo, Egypt. However, as they were torchering Marion, American archaeologist Indiana Jones showed up and a gunfight ensued, with the brawler being killed during the fight.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1936, the travelling Nazi Gestapo intelligence agent Major Arnold Ernst Toht hired the man alongside many others to help him in his mission to find the Headpiece to the Staff of Ral which they would retrieve from American Marion Ravenwood at her bar, The Raven. However, when the men showed up at the bar and began interrogating and threatening Marion, American archaeologist Indiana Jones intervened, and a gunfight ensued, during which the bar was set on fire.[1]

During the battle, the sherpa brawler assisted Toht as he fought the two Americans, but was consistently defeated by his opponents. Despite being defeated several times and left inside the burning bar, the brawler still survived and managed to escape the building. However, when he attacked Jones and Ravenwood again in the Himalayas, the brawler was defeated and killed for good.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Sherpa Brawler was a boss in the video game LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures in the level "Into the Mountains". There are many recurring duplicates of him, attacking the player both inside and outside the bar. After the level is complete, the brawler is unlocked and becomes available for purchase. Once bought, the character is playable, wielding a pistol.[1]

In the game's sequel, the Sherpa Brawler returns, fulfilling the exact same role in the level "Raven Rescue" and becoming unlockable afterwards.[2]

The character seems to be based on the Giant Sherpa in terms of appearance and attacks, though the Sherpa Gunner in the two games fulfills his role.[1][2]

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