Shintay were an ancient race of people believed to have escaped from the doomed continent of Atlantis shortly before it sank beneath the waves. They were on average about two and a half meter tall[1] with fair skin and dark hair. They were armed with spears and cross bows with crystal bolts.

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The branch of the Shintay found by Indiana Jones and Doctor/Colonel Curt Johan Vogel were outcasts from Atlantis who were banished when their power began to pose a threat to the ancient island for they worshipped death rather than revering life.[1] To this end they possessed the power of crystals that were quarried from Atlantean soil eons before and used to provide light for their fortress and their strength to make it impregnable.

The energy from the crystals could also be channeled to kill. In the struggle for possession of the crystals the fortress of the Shintay was destroyed and presumably all within slain.[2]

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