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"The more a man's got to say, the more complicated his music is. Sidney ain't easy."
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Sidney Bechet was a jazz musician and friend of Indiana Jones who nurtured his interest in the genre when the pair met in 1920.


In 1920, Bechet was playing with his band at Colosimo's Restaurant where Indiana Jones worked as a waiter. The pair's relationship was initially a frosty one that saw Bechet allowing Jones to be kicked out of the Royal Garden. However, the next morning at work, Jones apologized for the incident and the young man's clear enthusiasm for jazz led to his revealing that he had played soprano saxophone in the army.

Indiana Jones and Sidney Bechet.

Bechet gave Jones a saxophone that he had acquired at a pawn shop which needed "a lot of lip". After practicing, Jones joined Bechet in a jamming session but his attempts at jazz failed, much to the amusement of the band. Feeling Jones was trying to run before he could walk, Bechet encouraged him learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star inside and out before they'd talk jazz.

Years later, in 1959, Bechet passed away.[1]

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Sidney Bechet was portrayed by Jeffrey Wright in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Wright would go on to play Felix Leiter opposite fellow Young Indy guest star Daniel Craig in the James Bond films.


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