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"In 213 BC, Roman forces led by Marcellus laid siege to the city of Syracuse."
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Heinkel triremes

The Heinkel 111 plane from the future flies over a fleet of Roman triremes.

The Siege of Syracuse, also known as the Syracusian War,[2] took place during the Second Punic War. Although the conflict was traditionally dated to have begun in 213 BC, Indiana Jones discovered first-hand that the Romans had initiated hostilities at least a year prior.


Syracuse, allied with Carthage, was besieged by Rome. The city's strong defenses and the inventive war machines of Archimedes made it challenging for the Romans. Archimedes, while building a device to predict changes in the weather and climate, discovered a "temporal meteorology" which could anticipate fissures in time and set about adapting his mechanism, the Antikythera, in order to bring back aid from the future.[1]

Before he had even completed his invention, his efforts bore fruit when a captive Indiana Jones and a neo-Nazi cell led by Jürgen Voller, using a future version of the Antikythera, arrived at the battle through a time fissure connecting 214 BC to two thousand years in the future. Their unusual aircraft got mistaken for a dragon by the soldiers, and Voller and his men were eventually shot down and killed by the invading Romans, while Jones and his stowaway goddaughter Helena Shaw were rescued from a Roman soldier by Archimedes himself. They had a brief and friendly interaction with him before departing back to their own time.[1]

With proof that the Antikythera worked, Archimedes completed his work and rigged the device so that no matter the intention of the wielder, the artifact's calculations would only ever lead them back to the Siege of Syracuse. However, Rome breached the city defenses[1] and Archimedes was killed in his home in 212 BC.[3]



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